Natural Grandmas

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Natural Grandmas

An array of natural, handmade bath and beauty products offered by Natural Grandma's

Tried and loved by ourselves, our family, and our friends!

Our Story

We started Natural Grandma's because of our belief in natural products and our love of plants and flowers.  The recipes we use for all of our products are proven by time. Several of them have been handed down through our families. 

For example, our Body Creme was made by Carol's mother who was a master potter who had her hands in clay all day.  She needed something to repair the damage the clay did to her hands.  Other recipes we have developed as we have tested and learned about the benefit of natural ingredients. 

For example, our Rose Water Face Creme is made from the rose water we make from our reddest roses combined with shea butter and glycerin which are great for your face.  Because we use no waxes or preservatives in our cremes, they are absorbed into your skin and do not wash off.

You can use our full line of products knowing they are safe and nourishing for your body. No animals are ever harmed in the testing of our products, because we only test them on the people we love!  None of our family have been harmed, either.

***PLEASE NOTE*** We offer pick-up and delivery in certain Utah counties. Please feel free to contact us via email at or by calling us at 801.910.7273. We can also let you know if our products are available in a store near you.